Trump’s Withdrawal from Iran Nuclear Deal

“Our objective is clear. Iran shall never possess any nuclear weapon. Not now, not in five years, not in ten years, never. We should not abandon it if we don’t have something more substantial instead. That is my position.” These are some of the remarks made by Emmanuel Macron, the French President, in his address … Continue reading Trump’s Withdrawal from Iran Nuclear Deal

A Handful of Neorealism

1) Neo-realism must be traced back to the cinema of Mussolini-era; to the fundamental fuctional difference between the Italian Fascist Cinema and that of the Nazi Germany. In contrast with Hitler, who believed in cinema as a medium of propaganda, Mussolini believed it firstly as a narrative device. Cinecittà was therefore found on such a … Continue reading A Handful of Neorealism

نئورئالیسم در یک دست

اول) نئورئالیسم را باید از سینمای دوران موسولینی ردگیری کنیم. از این نقطه که کارکرد سینما در ایتالیای فاشیست کاملا با کارکرد آن در آلمان نازی متفاوت بود و برخلاف هیتلر که سینما را فقط ابزاری تبلیغاتی می‌دانست، موسولینی آن را دستگاهی روایتی می‌پنداشت. اساسا استودیوی چینه‌چیتا به همین منظور تاسیس شد و موسولینی که … Continue reading نئورئالیسم در یک دست


از خواب، با صدایی مثل صدای ترقه، پرید. خیابان‌ تا خرخره پر بود و سر و صدا امان نمی‌داد. صدای حرف زدن کسی با بلندگو شنیده می‌شد که مطالبات را با صدایی رسا طرح می‌کرد. پرده را کنار زد؛ همان لحظه دوستی را دید که هراسان می‌دوید و پشت سرش را می‌پایید. صدایش کرد. دختر … Continue reading مهمانی


She was teaching Hermeneutics and the scholars had difficulty understanding how different recipients could have different feedbacks over the same message. The discussions throughout the semester were heated nevertheless fruitless. On the final exam day, she asked them to stay over after the papers had been handed back and invited them to take a look … Continue reading Interpretation

Enemies of the Nation

The sixth day of #IranProtests comes to complete a round where all the players have had their moves. People, Parliament, Hassan Rouhani’s government, the Judiciary, some political activists, some foreign leaders and finally The Supreme Leader. Not surprisingly, the Supreme Leader, addressing a limited audience of martyrs’ families, laid the blame on the enemies of … Continue reading Enemies of the Nation

Whose Turn Next?

Fourth day of the what has been sweeping cities across Iran, named across the social media as #IranProtests has gone by. I concluded my yesterday note insisting that Rouhani & co. must speak up; which they did. Moreover, the government was not the only speaker of the day: By noon today it was formally announced … Continue reading Whose Turn Next?