She was teaching Hermeneutics and the scholars had difficulty understanding how different recipients could have different feedbacks over the same message. The discussions throughout the semester were heated nevertheless fruitless. On the final exam day, she asked them to stay over after the papers had been handed back and invited them to take a look … Continue reading Interpretation

Enemies of the Nation

The sixth day of #IranProtests comes to complete a round where all the players have had their moves. People, Parliament, Hassan Rouhani’s government, the Judiciary, some political activists, some foreign leaders and finally The Supreme Leader. Not surprisingly, the Supreme Leader, addressing a limited audience of martyrs’ families, laid the blame on the enemies of … Continue reading Enemies of the Nation

Whose Turn Next?

Fourth day of the what has been sweeping cities across Iran, named across the social media as #IranProtests has gone by. I concluded my yesterday note insisting that Rouhani & co. must speak up; which they did. Moreover, the government was not the only speaker of the day: By noon today it was formally announced … Continue reading Whose Turn Next?

Game of Silence

The third day of the unrest in Iran was striking. Here are some reasons why: With the state-called rally on the streets, a major offensive with face-to-face clashes and a stronger presence of plain-clothes forces looked more promising. It did happen. Tehran finally rose up. The nation's capital, as expected, faced turmoil around the University: … Continue reading Game of Silence

Protestors Back on the Streets of Iran

Starting yesterday in Mashad, typically known as one of the most religious cities in the country, and spread widely today to many cities across the nation; a series of protests have taken place which remain to be controversial. The controversies include primarily how it was all organized when; the calls to the first demonstrations were … Continue reading Protestors Back on the Streets of Iran

اِلف‌ها-خورخه لوییس بورخس

اِلف‌ها از تبار ژرمن‌اند. از ظاهرشان اندک می‌دانیم، جز آنکه اعوج و کوتوله‌اند. به املاک دستبرد می‌زنند و کودکان را می‌ربایند. در انگلستان به رشته‌ی بافته‌ی موها elflock (رشته‌ی اِلف) گویند زیرا بر این باورند که کار اِلف‌ها بوده است. در جن گیری آنگلوساکسون به آنان خوی پلید کمان‌کشی منصوب است چنانکه از دوردست تیرهای کوچکی … Continue reading اِلف‌ها-خورخه لوییس بورخس

فیلی که زایش بودا را پیش گفت-خورخه لوییس بورخس

به دنیا پانصد سال پیش از عصر مسیحیت ملکه مایا، در نپال، فیلی سپید را به خواب دید که از کوهستان زرین پیش و به کالبد وی درمی‌آمد. این حیوان اهل عالم گوشاسب را شش عاج بود؛ متناظر به شش جهتِ فضای هندی: بالا، زیر، پیش، پس، چپ و راست. منجمان شاه پیش گفتند که … Continue reading فیلی که زایش بودا را پیش گفت-خورخه لوییس بورخس