She was teaching Hermeneutics and the scholars had difficulty understanding how different recipients could have different feedbacks over the same message. The discussions throughout the semester were heated nevertheless fruitless. On the final exam day, she asked them to stay over after the papers had been handed back and invited them to take a look … Continue reading Interpretation


Words, looking out of the window, were helplessly striving for help. They looked among one another to pick up the one; best to nominate the spectacle. One, named "Disaster" came up; yet the rest deemed him far feeble for what they had been spectating. One else, called ''Oblivion'' took the helm and asked the rest … Continue reading Spectacle

Apropos a Death

Paul Auster commences "The Invention of Solitude" with a record of his fathers's death. From a phone call he receives on a Sunday morning and since the very moment the phone begins to ring, he is sure a phone call at that hour can only carry bad news. The weather is deceitful in the fall. … Continue reading Apropos a Death