History is that impossible thing: the attempt to give an account, with incomplete knowledge, of actions themselves undertaken with incomplete knowledge. (Waterland - Graham Swift) History is that certainty produced at the point where the imperfections of memory meet the inadequacies of documentation. (The Sense of an Ending - Julian Barnes) The days gone by … Continue reading History

Singapore Lessons for Iranians

When Iran Deal was signed, it led to contradictory feelings among Iranians. Reformists saw it as the realization of Hassan Rouhani’s most prominent electoral vow but the conservatives, upset about “excessive concessions of an incompetent administration,” considered it much ado about nothing. Another fraction known here as the Third Estate, those who basically do not … Continue reading Singapore Lessons for Iranians

Su Sergio Mattarella ed il Nuovo Governo dell’Italia

Ieri, 27 maggio, con una mossa incostituzionale secondo alcuni e storica secondo altri, Sergio Mattarella ha bloccato la formazione di un  governo che, a tutti gli effetti, avrebbe potuto essere uno dei più reazionari mai al potere in Europa dopo la Seconda Guerra Mondiale. La Lega ed il Movimento Cinque Stelle, due partiti anti-establishment che … Continue reading Su Sergio Mattarella ed il Nuovo Governo dell’Italia

On Sergio Mattarella and the New Government in Italy

Yesterday, May 27th, in a move which some believed to be unconstitutional and some believed to be historical, Sergio Mattarella blocked the formation of the government which was supposed to be indeed one of the most reactionary governments ever to have ruled in Europe after the Second World War. Lega and M5S, the two anti-establishment … Continue reading On Sergio Mattarella and the New Government in Italy

Trump’s Withdrawal from Iran Nuclear Deal

“Our objective is clear. Iran shall never possess any nuclear weapon. Not now, not in five years, not in ten years, never. We should not abandon it if we don’t have something more substantial instead. That is my position.” These are some of the remarks made by Emmanuel Macron, the French President, in his address … Continue reading Trump’s Withdrawal from Iran Nuclear Deal

A Handful of Neorealism

1) Neo-realism must be traced back to the cinema of Mussolini-era; to the fundamental fuctional difference between the Italian Fascist Cinema and that of the Nazi Germany. In contrast with Hitler, who believed in cinema as a medium of propaganda, Mussolini believed it firstly as a narrative device. Cinecittà was therefore found on such a … Continue reading A Handful of Neorealism


The contradiction of the modern human manifested itself pretty early; when a slave owner penned these words: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal...